The Psychology of Games

I am reading a great book that will be the basis of an upcoming open discussion/forum at the Coop.  The book is Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World
by Jane McGonigal.  The book talks about the emotional benefits of playing games.  Games build community, trigger positive emotions, provide a safe environment for exploration and failure, and many other things that are sometimes missing in the “real world”.

If you ever wondered why Scrabble or Tetris is still popular or why a simple game like Angry Birds is so addictive (and so profitable), this is the book for you.  So before you design that next killer game app, it probably would not hurt to read this book first.

While you are at it.  You have to read A Theory of Fun for Game Design
by Raph Koster.  This book gives a lot of insight about how game design and approach could make your next title a hit!


Keep an eye on the events calendar for future discussion forums on this topic.