New Workshop at Techco!

The Technology Cooperative is proud to announce a series of new workshops we will refer to as JunkBotZ.  JunkBotZ is an open lab where

young adults create robots (or anything else they wish) from used electronics.  Most of the parts will come from old computer printers.  Computer printers, due to the task it performs, have motors, gears, raceways and some electrical components that can be reused to build robots.

The students are encouraged to dismantle, and harvest the used equipment and recombine them in any way they can imagine.  Adults and volunteers will be available to assist with tools, and brainstorm ideas.  The non-structured environment allows the students to think freely and explore possibilities.

To make the robots, the conversations about electricity, power transmission, sensors and other technical discussions evolve naturally as a part of the creative process.

The lab will have the tools, and construction materials to assist in the construction of the new creations.

We ask the community to assist us with the donation of unused printers.  Call us at (865) 272-9770 or email us at techco(at) so we can arrange to pick up your donated item.  We will provide a donation receipt for each item that can be used with your income tax filing.