The Technology Cooperative is a nonprofit organization tax exempt under section 501(c)-3 of the internal revenue code.  The Technology Cooperative was founded to create a technology-focused community that will provide computer-related technology access and awareness. The Technology Cooperative will provide collaborative workspace for members willing to donate time to provide free technical learning activities, consultation and mentoring. Our goal is to offer free learning opportunities on Internet and mobile related technologies. We will place additional efforts to target Middle and High school age children in under-served communities.

Most job opportunities in the future will be only available to those who have an adequate understanding of computer related technologies.  Those without the exposure and access to technology will fall into the widening gap between the technology “have” and “have-not”.   Studies have shown that by using computers and the Internet in the classroom helps to equalize students of all socioeconomic backgrounds. It allows students to be more involved academically and professionally in their futures. They may even become as technologically literate as their more economically advantaged peers.

We believe that exposure to technology in an environment that encourages creativity and exploration will give a student the motivation to build the necessary skills to persue technology careers.

Our approach

Our approach is to provide a venue where professionals and students can gather to exchange ideas.  This venue will have a computer lab for students who do not have the proper computer and software to create technology based projects.  The collaborative environment will be attractive to technology professionals who can combine their love of technology with the rewards of working with our next generation of technologists.

Technology focus

To capture the interest and imagination of our students, we will focus on:

  • The basics of computer programming
  • 2D and 3D Game development /theory
  • Mobile application development
  • Console Development
  • Electronics and Robotics
  • Web technologies

The experience will be project-based based upon the level and interest of the students to provide as much hands-on experience as possible.


Not for profit ventures have to rely on fund-raising to  meet its objectives.  The Technology Cooperative will use a mixed funding approach that does not rely solely on a single source of revenue.
We feel strongly that the willingness to provide a solution to a vital need for technology training to support the community will inspire broad community support, both public and private.
The Technology Cooperative is recognized by the IRS for tex exempt status under section 501( c)(3) of the tax code.

We need all the help we can get.   Your financial support will allow us to continue to provide a vital service towards the future of our community.




Reuse of Technology

bookstackTechnology that may seem old to you could make a big difference to the future of a young person in our community.  Windows XP may be an ancient relic from your past.  That 4 year old laptop may not be fast enough for your current needs.  That netbook may have lost its luster when you got that iPad. Speaking about tablets, what are you doing with that first edition tablet you purchased two years ago?

Your tax-deductible donation of that old machine to a student who has never had a computer will open her world to the promises of a future in technology.  We can refurbish and reuse most all older laptops and tablets and even older android cell phones.  Those older devices are perfect platforms to teach programming basics.

If you wish to clear off some desk space, we will gladly put your older hardware to use.

Interested? Questions? Suggestions?

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