Workshops at Techco

First let me thank you for your support and advice you have freely offered as we refine our offerings.  One of the most significant pieces of advice is in the area of scheduling.   To sum it up, children have a lot of demand on their time.  In this fast past paced world of ours, we have children with social calendars that are full.  Children have  school, birthday parties, sports, and family commitments.  It is hard for parents to allow their child to “commit” to yet another program.  Programs have start dates and milestones that must be adhered to have the” full experience”.  It is frustrating for a child to always feel behind or feel that they have let the team down if they can not particiate regularly in a program.


Our mission is to expose and engage young people in technology in a way that is fun and stress free.  So we are changing our out-reach programs from programs to workshops.  Workshops are self contained.  Workshops have a beginning and (hopefully) satisfying end.  Standalone workshops also gives children and adults the ability to pick and choose the topic and time that best suits their schedules.

There will be some programs remaining, but most of what you will see on our programming calendar in the future will be workshop opportunities.  Some of our workshops will be open-lab style so repeating a workshops will be highly encouraged.