Give an new life to your old laptop

2013-07-24 06.11.14Technology that may seem old to you could make a big difference to the future of a young person in our community.

Windows XP may be an ancient relic from your past. 

That 4 year old laptop may not be fast enough for your current needs.  

That netbook may have lost it’s luster when you got that iPad. 

Your tax-deductible donation of that old machine to a student who has never had a computer will open her world to the promises of a future in technology.

The primary mission of the Technology Cooperative is to provide technology access to middle and high school aged students.  Our computer donation program places a computer in the home of a student without any means to connect to the internet to retrieve electronic lesson assignments, research online or work on computer-based school assignments.

“Without home access to the internet many pupils struggle to complete their homework and coursework and, at this time of year, miss out on the benefits of online revision sites. The digital divide is having a truly damaging impact on children’s prospects and causing the most disadvantaged to fall further behind.”

– Valerie Thompson, Chief Executive, e-Learning Foundation


Help us make a difference in the life of a student with a tax deductible donation of your old laptop(s).

bookstack-smWe will take your old laptop, clean it inside to remove the years of dust, maximize the RAM.  We will erase and reformat all hard drives to “military specifications”.  If privacy of old information is a concern, we will gladly remove the hard drive and leave it with you. For some models we will install a solid state hard drive to improve performance. Once the hardware is up to speed, we will load the optimal operating system for that model and install educational software such as the open-source Libre Office Suite and SCRATCH programming language.

The laptops are made available to students with no computers in the home.  In addition to the computer, we teach the child basic computer operation and internet safety.  Once the laptop is placed in a home, Techco will serve as customer support and guarantee the operation of the computer or we will replace it with another donated computer.

Don’t let that old laptop gather dust. Let us transform it into a teaching tool for the next generation of scientists, mathematicians, programmers, artist, or engineers.

Arrange a pickup of your laptop by sending an email to  Put the words “laptop donation” in the subject line so we can give it the highest priority.

Thank you for your support.